In December will be held the first Track Day for autonomous cars


The first Track Day for autonomous cars will be held at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Uk, during next November. An event whose registration is open for anyone who wants to test their progress in terms of driving autonomously within a safe and controlled environment. Developers professionals, companies, students, and even hobbyists will be able to access the site to implement their advances.

Offers a valuable opportunity where you get to know people in this environment that share experiences, develop skills, make contacts for future projects and even to be known among the big companies. So far, the testing of autonomous vehicles in most of the cases have been carried out in a closed circuit or on the public highway with a series of special permits.

As there are few competition events that involve autonomous cars, such as the RoboRace, however participation in these do not have a competitive nature but rather learning where to expand knowledge and experiences.


This first contest will be the start of a series of similar events that will take place both in the Uk and in the rest of Europe in different locations. After the Bruntingthorpe, we have already confirmed two other locations: the Driving Center Castellet France, the Longcross Test Track again in the Uk and the Zentrum Teesdorf Austria. Between each of these events there will be a time lapse of approximately three months.

In the words of co-founder Alex Lawrence Berkeley: “The technology vehicle without a driver is a young discipline that brings together knowledge of different areas of skills mechanical, electrical and software engineering, artificial intelligence and other. We are willing to close the gaps between the competences of the education and what the industry tells us that seeks the new talent”.