In detail the operation of the aerodynamic active of the Ford GT 2017


The Ford GT 2017 was designed unequivocally to win races.

the prototype of The Ford GT, which was presented in January 2015 in Detroit was something more than a simple concept designed to dazzle and attracting foci. The exemplary electric blue Ford desvelaba at the NAIAS 2015 was almost a version almost finished the model that will eventually be marketed, and that this month of June was taken up with a historic victory in the GTE Pro Class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016.

Though you may never know for sure the intentions of Ford. If you really the model of competition will have a version of street, or if on the contrary, the street sports car featured a racing version. We believe in the first option, and not only because the version of circuits will premiere before, but because a glance at the lines from both versions reveal that they have been studied by and to obtain the maximum possible aerodynamic performance. With some peculiar ways that reveal a conscientious job in the fluid of the air on the body as in the own extraction of the air.

The u.s. company is not taking too much of a hurry to launch the final version of street, of which hasn’t even revealed all of its data, including the price. Despite the fact that in a certain way, officially we can say that it is already on sale. Since its revelation it is now two and a half years, the firm has been giving us little by little data and details of the model, as an example the last video that you just uncover for the aerodynamic testing of road version of the Ford GT 2017, which is the step that will may become the model 2017 ¬Ĺ or in 2018, because 2016 has already consumed half of your time.


The rear of the Ford GT 2017 betrays if trabajadísima aerodynamics.

What we found in the booth of Ford in Detroit 2014 was a model that we can say it was finished almost ninety percent of the time, since only have been a few details that the brand has been further refined in this last stage of development. Details on all technical and aerodynamics, among which we find the operation of active aerodynamics, which we can see perfectly in this video, filmed in a wind tunnel where they test systems such as the rear spoiler retracting.

According to Ford, the tests that appear in the video are in terms of speeds around 200 km/h. Don allow yourself to clearly see the wide mobility of the rear spoiler, which can go up considerably, offering virtually the function of the brake aerodynamic.

In Le Mans appeared by surprise a unit already with his definitive aspect of production, which is virtually indistinguishable from the versions of the conceptual and the aspect that shows the model in its online configurator. Put in operation also some months ago.


The Ford GT 2017 appeared by surprise at Le Mans in its definite format

final versions will begin to reach its first owners in short, the concessionaires of the mark should begin to prepare, which will take a considerable investment, as I mentioned just a few days.