In June, Tesla wants to have Model 3, definitive in the production lines

Tesla Model 3

a few days Ago, the os we reported that Tesla Motors would begin manufacture of the first units pre serial Model 3 in mid-February. As reported by the firm the plans go as initially planned. Therefore in these moments, the production lines are oiling their machinery to give birth to the first Model 3.

According to the estimates of the mark, for the first half of this year, want to put on the market no less than 50 thousand units (of your current mix-commercial). This might seem a massive amount, but if the factory that currently possess improved their rate of production (anything that is already working) could to increase its manufacturing in a little more than half.

once the machines to adjust their rhythms of work and the units pre-series of Model 3 are studied to know the problems that may arise, the manufacturing will start in a definitive way. The idea that you have Elon Musk is that to June of this year production lines out the first Tesla Model 3 final.

Tesla Model 3

When this happens, will have to cope with a high number of bookings that exist in the Model 3. The first that will receive their model, will be those booked in advance, however there will be a part of the production that will go to their dealers so that customers who do not yet know you can zoom in and get to know it first-hand.

When this occurs the production of the Tesla Model 3 should already be normalized. According to Elon Musk this should happen to September of this year. Consequently we are talking about that the factory could increase its rate of production by up to 70 percent. This figure itself is significant, but coming from Musk and his crystal ball insurance that fails very little.

To end will have to see when the Gigafactoría is at full performance if their productive capacity is correct, or whether on the contrary it will have fallen short or will be exceeded. All of this will result in the production of their models and the Model 3 will be no stranger to it.

Source – Tesla Motors