In just five years, the Nissan Tsuru, and caused more than 4,000 deaths in Mexico

A recent report LatinNCAP points out that between 2007 and 2012, more than 4,000 people found death on board of a Nissan Tsuru in sinister vials that have occurred in Mexico.

Nissan-TsuruEhe latest research report LatinNCAP is blunt. The Nissan Tsuru is considered the car unsafe in Mexico and, if last year you had that had already caused 3,000 deaths, new statistics show that he has been involved in at least to 4,000 deaths in that country between the years 2007 and 2012.

LatinNCAP based his research on official statistics. According to the data analyzed, the Nissan Tsuru was the car that showed the highest rate of mortality in the records of traffic accidents fatal. During the five years considered in the report, were reported in Mexico a total of 2011 claims-fatal in which a Nissan Tsuru was involved, with a result of 4.102 victims fatal.

The director of the agency Alexander technique of adding ring caps considered incredible as Mexico can continue to allow the Nissan Tsuru is produced and marketed, especially taking into account that we are talking about one of manufacturers and exporters world’s most important, that parallel markets in other markets and even in the local market, products with the highest levels of security.

The Nissan Tsuru was evaluated by LatinNCAP in the year 2013, obtaining zero-star in protection to occupant adult and zero stars for occupant child, that is to say the minimum score possible. But as always happens in these cases, the manufacturer is profiting from the lack of clear standards on the part of governments, which in this case does not require cars to include ABS brakes or airbags as part of your standard equipment.

In this sense, technique of adding ring caps was further to assert that the mexican automobile industry blocked and delayed the implementation of safety standards more demanding that are proposed by the government. LatinNCAP believes that it is the responsibility of Nissan to withdraw immediately to the Tsuru in all the markets of Latin America. Towards the end of last year, Ecuador banned the import of the Tsuru for being very insecure.

it Is evident that to the public nor is the matter much, either out of ignorance or economic necessity. During the past year the 2015 Nissan Tsuru it was ranked in the sixth position in among the vehicles most sold in Mexico, with a total of 49.134 units marketed.