In Kansas City the police renunciation of the desire collection by Christmas

to Be honest, the local police of half the world is identified by many drivers for its quest collection. Radars hidden in straight lines, aggressiveness in parking fines… the list is very long. In Kansas City (Missouri, USA), this Christmas, the police renunciation of the desire collection and invests his role, becoming the herald of santa Claus. Instead of stopping to drivers with the aim of fining, the stand to give them 100 dollars in cash and wish you happy holidays. Why?

The police of Missouri has been involved in several scandals of police brutality and racism lately.

All the years a businessman anonymous donates $ 100,000 to the police with an express instruction: dealt to those who most need it. Imagine the scene: the police car turns on its lights and sirens, stopping at a rickety car. The driver tends to fear the worst or have committed a breach or the condition of your car is not suitable for circular. Instead, the police gives them 100 dollars in cash. Many are excited, others burst with joy, embracing the police.

In the U.S., the police have been involved in cases of corruption and racism during the last few years, with a worrying increasing trend. In the city of Ferguson – in the same state – there were serious riots because of police brutality, so that any action that can restore part of the credibility of the police is more than welcome. can You imagine that the police did something similar in our borders? would Definitely help you to disassociate their image revenue and enhance the service to the citizen.

Unique traffic stops in Kansas City, Missouri bring drivers to tears. Watch last night’s “On the Road” with Steve Hartman. #CBSEveningNews #OnTheRoad

Posted by CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley on Saturday, December 13, 2014

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