In KIA expect to have a sporty ready for 2020


With KIA GT4 Stinger the Korean company let us see certain intentions of giving life to a sports coupe that was presented with great poise in the Detroit Motor Show 2014. Now GT4 Stinger returns to the “fore” before some new statements that set in 2020 arrival a sports production the ranks of the brand.

Philpott, head of KIA in the UK, has indicated that this model will be “affordable”.

This confirmation comes from Autocar and hand of Paul Philpott responsible for KIA to the United Kingdom, who have pointed to the average British said that at the end of the decade would have to us a new sports car.

According to Philpott this model is affordable, will be marketed globally and will not be developed from any other KIA , although of course there are still a number of questions regarding his segment, design, mechanical …

On KIA GT4 Stinger

The KIA GT4 Stinger was presented with a slightly greater than the length Toyota GT 86 proposing a 2 + 2 configuration and a weight of 1,304 kg a mechanical assembly 4-cylinder, 2-liter supercharged displacement that could produce 315 horses the hindquarters, counting for transmission with a manual gearbox 6-speed.

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