In memoriam Ayrton Senna: 22 years later, remains legend

Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna da Silva is one of the pilots greatest of the Formula 1, a legend which even today is still alive despite having lost the life of such a day as today, may 1, for already 22 years, in 1994 at the circuit of Imola during the dispute of the GP of San Marino. Since then there had been no death within the races of F1 until 2014 the tragedy was repeated 20 years later with Jules Bianchi in Suzuka (japanese GP).

Senna was born in Säo Paulo in 1960 and spent by F1 teams as important as Toleman, Lotus, McLaren and Williams, where would lose his life at the age of 34 of age on that fateful accident where the guru Adrian Newey, then engineer of the team of Grove, regretted greatly by what happened and would review the design to see if it had something to do with the accident, making the car he fired at the curve Tamburello, although it was determined that it was produced by the rupture of the address. Not only the members of their team were dismayed, all of the F1 and the fans was touched by what happened.

Magic Ayrton Senna LeyendaTo this day, I still I still put the willies when you see scenes of the career of the Magic Senna, Or rei, or The king of the Principality as it is known to this legend for his driving in any circuit, but especially for his performances in the Monaco GP. It was not the most world won, but yes he will be remembered as one of the more great, since they “only” managed to get 3 championships in the world of F1, but sometimes it does not matter the number of them but how they have been achieved…

During his stay in F1, I would get nothing less than 41 victories, 80 podiums and 65 pole positions, plus 9 fastest laps. All this and their third championship would make him a legend of this sport. From its beginnings in karting to his end in the Formula 1, through Formula 3, and even in his small foray into rallying in the 80’s, left no one indifferent. Therefore, from ActualidadMotor we want to dedicate this humble article to the memory of Ayrton Senna.