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After the break last week in which could also enjoy Goodwood and Pikes Peak Ascent , this weekend comes loaded with international competition. And the summer is approaching and the championships put it towards the holidays. The World Formula 1 comes to which is the ninth race of the season, the British Grand Prix with numerous innovations in the cars that can change the natural order this tax season. So do not miss a single detail, you leave a section after full competition in addition to the times and channels which follow and the history of the race Nigel Mansell in 1987. [1.99901 million]

Formula 1 comes to the islands amid a changing environment . Fans have their opinions reflected in the survey conducted by the association of pilots, yet the Strategy Group has its own ideas for 2016 and 2017, among which is the desire of Jean Todt, president of the FIA to lower budgets on equipment engines. The Frenchman has also personally asked Ecclestone that reduces its level of criticism of the championship since according to him no help to continue taking steps to rehabilitate the championship.

It seems that we have to wait to see all these changes, at least two weeks longer than usual. This is because teams want to delay the start of the preseason and therefore also that of the regular season that might not come until April, with the GP of Australia. That is why some teams have already started work in 2016 , including Lotus has already confirmed that it will continue its current driver pairing. Even Robert Kubica has been left wanting and has left the door open to the possibility of a ‘cameo’ participating in a loose career that suits their limitations. Those who have so far ruled focus on next season McLaren are men. The Woking know that their 2016 car will be an evolution of MP4 -30 (hopefully competitive and more reliable) and therefore continue to work on the car this year. [1.99901 million]

The Formula 1 is not the only outstanding competition for this weekend. Next to the British event will also be the Rally of Poland thanks to the usual propensity FIA to make calendars to cannibalize their competitions. As with the British GP, also we have prepared a previous article with everything you need to know Polish and appointment schedules and channels through which you can follow all the action. For the rest of today, this week also presented the next edition of the Rally of Catalunya. A joint tour and even harder to challenge all those participants who dare to meet the challenge.

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Formula 1 and WRC determine their future this month. In the Gran Circo a revolution is expected in rallying an evolution.
We can not just set in 2015. The World Rally Championship is also thinking in the near future and in addition to take shape the new technical rules to come into force in 2017 has also opened the debate on what evidence may come on the calendar. Abu Dhabi, Ireland and China are prime candidates to enter, while Argentina, Wales or Corsica are some that are in danger. Precisely because of the need for a test in the Asian giant passes the future of Citroën in 2017 consider what championship leave, if WRC or the WTCC . Hyundai will also bring news in two seasons and despite the good looks that has the new i20 WRC signed it a year later replaced by a new model. At that time, Toyota and will be back in the World Rally Championship and with them speak of the possible return of Tommi Mäkinen as director of the Japanese team.

As we have already said last week there were also some very interesting events . Including Pikes Peak, where he first gained an electric prototype with experienced Rhys Millen to your steering wheel. But in terms of watts and amps, we can not forget the Formula E where Nelsinho Piquet Jr. was crowned the first champion. Next year it will be more difficult if we consider that Citroen and Renault have decided to come into force in the championship accompanying Virgin Racing and e.dams . However, it was also a sad news week with the suspension of Self GP and the announcement of the withdrawal of Marc Coma will become the right hand of Etienne Lavigne. [1.99901 million]

Finally, a brief look at the sights and history of motorsport . Besides the usual to the historic centers (this week dedicated to Piquet) and racing cars Ligier review, I have also brought a good sample of the sound of the Porsche thundered circuit Le Sarthe in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. Because WEC is a gem, although not compare with the dying Formula 1. [1.99901 million]

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