In Racing: Hamilton takes pole position in a classification that is a dictatorship disguised as a democracy

Go to the mess of the classification, and never better said. Expectation maximum to know what was going to happen and something for nerves if something unexpected happened or strange. The summary of the session classification is that the pilots were weighing whether to lack of three minutes to end of Q3, while the two Mercedes decided the pole. Q1 acceptable, the Q2 something more highly diluted, and the Q3 is a disaster compared to last year. And in terms of results, Lewis Hamilton crushed Rosberg at the last moment, and the rest… far behind.

In Q1 came out all over the world to give everything from the first second, to mark a time with the superblando, spending a minimum of tires, fuel, miles… and the garage. It was the theory. What is interesting is that all have thrown of truth from the first moment, something to be thankful because you can sense better the cards available for each one. Let’s say that this new qualifying format seems to be a Q3 old in each session.

Q3 should be a return between eight cars, with fuel for two laps and death. And not this nonsense.

Pascal Wehrlein was the first eliminated, in the box by the way, and what seemed to be is that the two Manor had withdrawn before time. it is something normal and we could predict perfectly, as if by its nature the Manor were not going to fight (or so you thought), what’s the meaning of roll?

Kvyat stepped off the car ahead of time by, supposedly, a mechanical problem or technical, or procedural.

PAscal Wehrlein
Eliminated in Q1 the two Manor by KO technical, the two Haas that seems to have not finished to understand the procedure of the classification, Kvyat, Nasr and Ericsson. Jolyon Palmer, has been virtually eliminated in the last few seconds, eliminated Ericsson with a vueltón in extremis. The truth that has been pretty exciting the first session, possibly because a server is a bit easy to please.

Pos Pilot Time Turns
16 M. Ericsson Sauber 1.27.435 9
17 F. Nasr Sauber 1.27.958 7
18 D. Kvyat Red Bull 1.28.006 5
19 R. Grosjean Haas 1.28.322 6
20 E. Gutierrez Haas 1.29.606 6
21 A. Haryanto Manor 1.29.627 3
22 P. Wehrlein Manor 1.29.642 3

In Q2, all with the knife between the teeth

With fewer minutes of “warming up”, the pilots went out to all, with the two Mercedes in the first position of the row in the pitlane, with tyre superblandos. That means that the fastest of the Q2 will come out with that superblando used.

of course, the first in the front with those times of the two Mercedes, more than 1 second ahead of the other. What is so special about this Q2 with the new format? That the last or most at risk of being deleted can’t take the risk to change tires because, in this case, the pillarían with his pants down, very down.

With this system, Jenson Button was eliminated when he busted Palmer, since he was in boxes still, and the time between exit and turn around was greater than the time remaining to Palmer, the more the 90 seconds. To Sainz took even too much just of time. Took 10 seconds of margin.

Renault RS16 GP Australia 2016behind deleted Alonso (also due to lack of time to complete from pit, or maybe you already knew beforehand that they could not improve the time time) and Bottas, which has not reacted not very well. I think that Williams should be a priority to hide less from now on.

Hulkenberg and Perez autoexcluyeron because it does not give them time to complete a fast lap more. Too much dead time in the pits at the end of Q2, too much action at the start and a lot of mess in the middle of the session.

Eliminated in Q2, Perez and Hulkenberg for abandonment, Alonso and Button, for lack of time to react, Bottas giving the feeling of going to contrapié, and the two Renault because it was not possible to aspire to more.

Pos Pilots Times Turns
9 S. Perez 1.25.753 12
10 N. Hulkenberg 1.25.865 14
11 V. Bottas 1.25.961 9
12 F. Alonso 1.26.125 9
13 J. Button 1.26.304 9
14 J. Palmer 1.27.601 12
15 K. Magnussen 1.27.742 11

First Q3 of the exclusive, eight cars and butt… a few

it Was foreseeable that the Q3 will be resolved in a single attempt. At least one attempt for each and then were left alone the two Mercedes to set the pole. Absurd to see the pilots at the weigh-in with minutes to spare to end of Q3, when before we lived the last minute choking (among several quotation marks). Behind the Mercedes, soon began leaving the track the different teams, therefore we have to put a zero to this new Q3, which should be to a single revolution by decree, and in general this system is a dictatorship more fiercely than before, disguised as a democracy. The classification that was going to mix the grill.

Pos Pilots Time Difference
1 L. Hamilton Mercedes 1.23.837
2 N. Rosberg Mercedes 1.24.197 0.36
3 S. Vettel Ferrari 1.24.675 0.838
4 K. Raikkonen Ferrari 1.25.033 1.196
5 M. Verstappen Toro Rosso 1.25.434 1,597 to
6 F. Massa Williams 1.25.458 1.621
7 C. Sainz Toro Rosso 1.25.582 1.745
8 D. Ricciardo Red Bull 1.25.589 1.752