In search of fresh blood: Underground Racing power the new Audi R8 V10 plus over 2,600 HP

In Underground Racing never andaron with nonsense. Specialist texas is one of the most reputable preparers u.s., specializing in strengths extremes that dominate the events of acceleration the most famous in the country. Events are timed, which also measure speed tips. Events in which you can get chest with his Lamborghini and Audi dually turbo, up to powers at times absurd. Take advantage of the 4th of July to present their proposal for the new Audi R8 V10 plus.

What will overcome the fearsome Nissan GT-R of AMS Performance in the battles of acceleration?

Underground Racing says that these modifications must be experienced to be believed. I think so, because a single fast lap in a Nissan GT-R because you get to completely alter my perception automobile for weeks. With 1,500 HP additional, the stream of power promises to be infinite. On the basis of the 610 HP that your engine 5.2 V10 FSI installment of the series, the coach has developed a kit dual-boost. To do this, use two turbochargers in parallel, with a handcrafted work of “plumbing”.

audi-r8-ugr-2016-2series, the Audi R8 V10 plus is a machine formidable: makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and reaches 330 km/h of top speed. With the help of Underground Racing, the super sports car German lacks limits. The Stage One takes its power to 800 HP to the wheels, using gasoline from street. In the U.S., sometimes measuring horsepower to the wheels, taking into account the friction losses of the tires and transmission. Measured at the crankshaft – as usual – we would be talking of about 950 HP.

The power delivery is controlled by an electronic JRR MoTeC M1 and a proprietary firmware.

This first stage costs to 59,000 dollars, and if we use it to fuel competition, we would come to the 1,100 HP, 100 HP more than a Bugatti Veyron. By 69.000 dollars, the Stage Two guarantees 1000 HP with conventional gasoline and 1,200 HP with fuel competition. If you are fans of the extreme, we may continue: Stage Three costs 99.000 dollars, and we already get figures very serious: a 1,200-HP with a gasoline dispenser and 1,500 CV – as many as Bugatti Chiron – with gasoline for the exclusive use of motorsport.

audi-r8-ugr-2016-1What is truly special are the versions Race Version TT and X Version TT. The price happens to be “to consult”, and require a modified deep engine. Both block and cylinder heads are modified, the systems of fuel feed, cooling, intake and exhaust are brand new. The Race Version TT already manages to 1,400 HP with fuel normal and 1,800 HP with gasoline competition. The more extreme version runs at 1,450 HP with fuel of the street… and more than 2,600 HP with gasoline special!

Before you read any further, stand to reflect on this figure of power. 2.600 HP on a car whose chassis and running gear has not been modified extensively. A car with a track long enough, it will pass with clearance the 400 km/h – if your tires, suspension, and aerodynamic support. In no time speak of a new gearbox: if you have not strengthened, the box S tronic dual-clutch and seven relationships, a few outputs with Launch Control will be settled with a slurry of gears.

audi-r8-ugr-2016-5I Close the article with a last thought. These cars are legal on the road, and on the contrary that in Spain, in the U.S. should not spend long and complicated approval processes.

Source: Carscoops