In Spain the production of new cars rises in January 1,8%

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During the year 2016 production of new cars in Spain again to mark a new record. According to data from the Spanish Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC) we approach for very little to three million of the units manufactured. In addition, predicted that if the year 2017 was just as well that the 2016 could overcome this barrier without too much difficulty.

The new year has begun makes scant two months. At this time, according to data from ANFAC, the production of new cars in our country has had a rate of 10,000 units a day. With all of this, during the past month of January the total production of cars in Spain has been located in the 222.395 units. If we take into account the vehicles that were manufactured in the same month of the previous year, we have that the production has increased 1.8 per cent.

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The reason why it has been produced this increase is due to two factors. For a part we have that our domestic market continues to maintain its pace and the customers are betting on models manufactured in our country. On the other hand we have the good behavior that they are having the main european markets. These countries, as we all know, they receive 75 percent of the vehicles manufactured in our country, and thanks to his good pace and our factories are working at full capacity.

however, from ANFAC have pointed out that the european car market could mean an annual growth rate in 2017 of just over 2 per cent. This would cause the production of cars in Spain will continue to grow but at a slower pace than initially expected. However, from the employer, and the factories it is hoped that the export to countries outside of the European Union to grow, for in this way to reduce dependence on the domestic market common.

In January, exports of vehicles manufactured in our country to countries outside has grown 5.5 per cent more than with respect to January of 2016. As a curious fact to mention that the countries that have the largest number of vehicles they receive from Spain, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Turkey or Chile.

Source – Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Automobile passenger Cars and Trucks (ANFAC)