In Tecmovia: the desktop of The future is already here: working lying down is more comfortable, also more healthy

From California comes to us the dream of anyone who works spending many hours in front of computer. How can you reinvent the ergonomics and the design of a desktop? We start with a base, almost immovable, settling in a chair facing a desk with a horizontal base on which to rest the display, keyboard, and mouse. what if optásemos by toppling the chair and tilt the desktop? the creators of The Altwork Station ensure that this technology will not only make work more comfortable, but also improve our postural hygiene and be more productive. Do you seriously?

the design of The Altwork Station part of medical studies that warn of the dangers of working from a seated position. In a time in which to eat hamburgers in fast food establishments has been associated with cancer, it might sound like a joke, but it is not. A bad posture can generate very serious problems in the back and lumbar. Some studies also suggest that those who spent a good part of the day sitting in a chair, we have a 54% more likely to suffer a heart attack.

That is the reason for which it started to impose another fashion, that of the Standing Desk, desks, located at a height higher than usual to allow us to work standing up. In this line, the Altwork Station wanted to improve even more the position of that works 8 hours a day in front of the ordenador.

I’m very Much afraid that to reduce our chances of suffering a heart attack do not only have to invent new desktops, but also lead a healthy life, taking care of our diet and exercise.

In any case, the Altwork Station aims to focus precisely on the intelligence of using different postures. From the 3,900 dollars (3.567 euros) you have a desk that allows you to tilt the seat to stay completely lying. The desktop, on the other hand, has been designed to hold the screen, a laptop, and avoid that the mouse and keyboard from falling out by means of a system of magnetic base. See analysis in Mashable.

This workstation not only allows you to work in a position that is more relaxed, using a structure articulate, and adjustments to electrical, but also choose the proper position for the task that we conduct in every moment of the day. So that, for example, let’s start to work sitting to carry out our tasks more demanding, and throughout the day we seek a reclining position and more relaxed.

Source: Altwork