In Texas they banned an enrollment because its investment is offensive


status Texas considered the personalized registration 370H55V as offense and decided to suspend it. Besides its owner shall choose a new to replace at its Lamborghini Aventador.


matricula-asshole-texas S afer Hassan is the owner Lamborghini Aventador and for more than three years has had a personalized tuition in their car. But Hassan received a letter from Department of Motor Vehicles Texas, indicating that its board will suspended for 30 days also forcing him to choose a new custom plate replacement.

Texas authorities consider that the 370H55V enrollment is offensive.

Texas is a state of the United States where countless people carry guns, rifles even though it seems some are very sensitive in terms of tuition Cars which are considered offensive, even if it is necessary to place it upside down so that the word offensive to take shape.

And that is exactly what happened with plate Lambo Hassan, identifying 370H55V , which may suggest to invert the word asshole. It is difficult to translate into Castilian, but in this case could mean something like Crazy although it is also used as an synonymous with idiot .

But apparently Texas is forbidden to register relating to sexual content plates, glorifying violence or related bodily functions , that after all is just what literally means that word in English.





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