In the Competition: Fernando Alonso K. O.: do not run the Bahrain Grand Prix

The FIA has said no, and Fernando Alonso will miss the Bahrain Grand Prix, which is being played this weekend. apparently, the medical examination that should enable it to compete without problems this weekend has been negative, and according to Andrew Benson of the reasons for this are that the scanner of the chest does not reveal enough to give the green light to its participation in the competition. So, this accident is confirmed as what it was, that is to say, something that the spaniard has left on his own foot by pure luck. This article is being updated constantly.

certainly is a stick important to the aspirations of the spaniard (which we do not know even what has been said or what you think about this) to a Great major Prize for the team and for himself. In a track which in the past has achieved very good results (among other things, three victories, the most in the current grill), their absence is not only a coup for the hearing of spain, but rather a burden more for the team, that is without half of its personnel for the development and collection of data. You can be the great opportunity for Vandoorne, yes, that is already confirmed as a substitute.

This is the press release of the FIA:

Following an examination carried out this morning in the Medical Center of Bahrain International Circuit, it has been decided that the pilot of McLaren Honda F1 Fernando Alonso should not participate in the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend.

Two tests of computed tomography of the chest were compared and it was decided that there was not enough resolution of the signs that would allow him to compete with security.

has requested a repeat scan of the chest prior to the Chinese Grand Prix and the results will be considered before allowing him to run there.

Definitely does not seem that the luck accompanies the Spanish at this stage of his career, at least in the field of sports, because you have to recognize that the accident of Australia was awe-inspiring, and perhaps it was more as the hours passed and days and we got to know more details. Be that as it may, and waiting for the declarations of Fernando Alonso, I wish you the best recovery possible and that the next Great Prize is to the limit to compete.

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