In the Competition: ‘Habemus pactum’ of engines in Formula 1 for 2017

No need to rush the deadline of 30 April to be able to know that the equipment and the various authorities that are part of the Commission of the Formula 1 have come to an agreement as to the rules of engines for the season 2017. There is No official confirmation yet, but the information from John Noble seems reliable enough to take for granted.

In principle, there are agreements about the use of a system of Energy Recovery common, many standard parts (especially in regards to electronics and maybe turbo) and the reduction of the available units from the season 2018 is only 3. The saving in the expenditure that make the equipment customers per season will be gradual, falling in a million euros in 2017 and by another 3 million € more for the next year (2018), based obviously in the use of fewer engines.

With this it would be of proposals, in addition to reduce and limit the costs dramatically, it is expected that the performance of the different units of power is equal. The other point that has been discussed is the obligation regarding the supply of engines, or what is the same, may not be left to the teams customers without units. In addition, it has been made official the withdrawal of the token system that has until now limited the development of the various mechanical areas.