In the Competition: Honda ready to supply engines to more teams but who could love them?

When Honda returned to the Formula 1, the small print of your contract included the obligation of supplying engines to more than one team from your second year. What is more, even you should be getting three teams in its third season.

But when he is finishing his first year, everything seems to indicate that Honda will continue only with McLaren as the only associate in the next year, although very reluctantly. So recognized by the head of the program in Formula 1, Honda, Yasuhisa Arai. The japanese recognized the interest of the brand to expand the number of clients but when she is asked about the possibility of being official suppliers of Red Bull, and the veto of McLaren, Arai can’t do anything more than remain silent.

The big question is yes this interest on the part of Honda could be rewarded with real clients. And is that seeing the performance of the propellant in japanese, I very much doubt that, unless a compelling need, none of the current teams is willing to put his money on the table and be done with the “terrible” thrusters Honda. Except that they offer a flat fee…that seeing what happened with McLaren, it would be the smart thing to do.

Via | Motorsport