In the Competition: Nissan announces the withdrawal of its registration LMP1 in the WEC 2016

less than a month Ago, Eloy told us that in Nissan they would prepare only two cars for Le Mans, and even in the beginning of October, we already knew that we would not see compete in the LMP1 in what was left of the year, but what we read today is even worse than anyone imagined: Nissan has just announced that it will withdraw its registration for the WEC in 2016. The scenario could not be worse, although in the press release that has been disseminated, the tone is optimistic of face to continue to present there where they have the potential to be in front.

The press release is very brief and refers to the DNA of competition that treasures the brand, as could not be otherwise, and dodge the bullet of Le Mans with elegance, at least:

Today, Nissan announces that it will withdraw its registration LMP1 Championship of the FIA World Endurance 2016. Nissan participated in the category LMP1 in the season 2015 with an innovative concept and daring, with the ambition of competing at the front of the grill.

The teams worked diligently to bring the prototypes to the desired levels of performance. However, the company came to the conclusion that the program would not be able to achieve their ambitions and decided to focus on the development strategies for their careers over the long term.

Personally, I have nothing left of course if they speak of leaving forever the concept of the GT-R LM NISMO LMP1, or that they are speaking only of 2016. On the other hand yes they will continue with their usual programs, and also as suppliers of engine in other categories, such as the new LMP3.

The competition is part of the DNA of Nissan, and the company has a proud history of innovation in order to win. Nissan’s commitment to motorsports remains strong, as evidenced by his victories in the season 2015 – winners in the Super GT for two consecutive years in Japan, victorious in the Pro Class Blancpain Endurance, the winners of the 12 Hours of Bathurst with the GT-R GT3. Nissan will continue with its support of the WEC through its various engine programmes including the recent introduction of the engine LMP3.

Be that as it may, whether it is a “clean slate”, as a “postponement” of the developments, we are certainly in one of the most important news stories of the year… and also, we are left with two fewer cars to Le Mans in 2016.