In the Competition: The Alfa Romeo 4C more radical to climb mountains transalpinas

many of us love these small sports biplazas in the style of the Lotus Elise or Alfa Romeo 4C. These are the vehicles with which we all lose with a helmet and a circuit all on a Sunday. Now, imagine that same 4C with 360 HP more than the brings of series, aerodynamics, specific and oversized and slick tires competition. What I already have put the fear in the body?

This prototype in every rule comes to us from Italy, a country in which Framework Granezi compete (replaces your usual Alfa Romeo 155 DTM) in your Mountain National with this Alfa 4C By Picchio. To many I will sound the preparer Italian. With almost a quarter of a century of life, Picchio has been responsible for some other vehicle of competition for the united States, including a DP (the DP2 powered by a BMW engine) I was able to finish third in the 2003 edition of the 24 Hours of Daytona.

in Addition to his experience in the circuits, during the last few years have also been specialised in the creation of trays for climbs of the mountain. Of all that learning comes this project, which has a final sale price than 296,000 € (without taxes) and it has a great versatility because in addition to the four-cylinder engine that mounts the unit Granezi, you can also mount an engine eight-cylinder atmospheric reconvertirlo in electric, or even install a propeller turbo to bring power up to 700 HP. This next weekend will make its debut and we’re already looking forward to seeing you fly through the Italian mountains.