In the Competition: The car built by a farmer that put in check to the WRC

Can provide for the script of the blockbuster american or even to the plot of the eighth installment of the “Fast & Furious”, however it is a very real story. Andrew Burton is a farmer in uk was able to build a rally car you could even put against the ropes to the more advanced World Rally Cars.

But is this Peugeot 306 with paints more than proto or car RallyCross hiding inside a heart of a beast. This abomination, which caused in the islands of terror and admiration in equal parts, was mounted on a V6 Cosworth 2.9 liter (from the cars) that exceeded the non-negligible 400 HP of power. The central position of the propeller to the reactions of the vehicle’s all-wheel drive would be ideal for the stretches through the English forest and its range of use was incredible, being able to carry even above 10,000 rpm.

Obviously this towards that in addition to a pleasant sound, the compact of the signature of the lion devouring miles at a speed such that in its only outlet to the World Rally championship, on the occasion of the appointment of Wales, was able to sneak inside the Top Ten in some special (obviously without opting in to the victory within the Championship of the World), beating several WRC in the hands of private and staying close to the official drivers. Something that for a humble farmer who does not carries the name “Juha Kankkunen” is a quite an achievement.

however, at the end of 2011, the MSA decided to withdraw their license Category 2 and despite a large campaign through social networking to reconsider this decision may never have been seen again competing… Until now, that according to Racecar Engineering there is a small hope to see you again sow chaos in the woods English.

If you want to see more, here you have a bunch of videos of spectacular racing.

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