In the Competition: Video: Robby Gordon the lia in the Dakar. So it was actually an accident with your car care on a link

Many consider him a showman, others see it as very necessary for the Dakar, but what is certain is that Robby Gordon is winning with the time that the ASO will reconsider one more time if you must accept the enrollment of the american. What has become clear during these years, there is the absolute impunity that virtually presumed each edition training american. This year the drop has filled the glass.

as in other occasions, Robby used the road as his particular playground. On other occasions we have seen already put three wheels his buggy at full highway, ok beers of the fans in the links and even climb to the roof of your Hummer with the traffic open just for fun. On this occasion, after the last stage crossed the line, and the point was to trigger an accident of fatal consequences on the highway from Rosario to Cordoba when he was heading towards the podium.

On this occasion, the clash between the Gordini of the north american pilot against one of his assistance vehicles while it was followed by the second unit piloted by the own Sheldon Creed finished with the co-workers of Gordon giving several turns of bell and two injured. A positive balance if we keep in mind that inside the Hummer for assistance had at least one woman without the seat belt fastened while collected objects (sometimes with half their body out of the car) which gave the co-driver of Robby.

the absolute madness that must be punished without doubt by traffic authorities in argentina and from here would request that the ASO review all of these incidents that has been causing Gordon over the years, in addition to the spinning tops made in front of the bolivian police this year and rethink if you want the name of the Dakar go linked to that of a participant who does not understand the difference between the spectacle and the bravery.

Bonus videos: Some of the many stupidities of Gordon

if ASO need more evidence to make the decision…
Thanks to Nacho Salvador for the track.


  1. Txesz

    The problem is not that right-the first madness that comes into your head. The problem is that you have who will apluda and anime.

    Of all the above I can get to the middle to tolerate what the strange roundabout in Bolivia this year… But since there are members of the police, to talk with them and ask them away to the people, And das show reducing risks.

    But the case is that Gordon seems to have a lot of followers out there. Precisely one of the stories of Mark Looez was on the cameras, the helicopters, and one of them mentioned the american as one of their pilots favorite…

  1. Ivan Fernandez Post author

    The problem is that it will continue to allow camp to ease and happen every year the same thing. It’s the police who should take action. This in Sweden is withdrawal a year, the card at least.