In the Competition: ‘When we were pioneer’, my summary of the special Connection of Vintage with Carlos Sainz

Yesterday I had the opportunity to enjoy, as insurance that so many of you, a new programme of ‘Connection Vintage’, RTVE (Teledeporte). This time, dedicated to Carlos Sainz, a pilot and sportsman, not to be present because is everything to the Spanish motorsport. On the occasion of his 54 birthday, we prepared a comprehensive documentary retrospective of the career of the best pilot of rallies that has left our country, and without a doubt I can say that it is the best Spanish rider of the history, and is among those chosen for the select group of the best pilots overall. I especially liked this because it made me relive a time that we felt, all, pioneers in a sport that was the preserve of others.

This ‘Connection vintage’ is possibly the best documentary that you can see today on the trajectory of Carlos Sainz

There tend to be a frequent Teledeporte, but I recognize that this documentary touched me inside. In the time that Carlos Sainz made his first steps in the world in his first season with Toyota I had with ten years. Do not know, the truth, more than any magazine you could browse at home, but he remembered the spectacular Maxi Turbo, and something, also, the Ford Sierra of Marlboro. When Sainz started out in earnest with Toyota, I remember the VHS tapes rented in the video club with the summary of each rally, I remember blown away when I saw the scandinavian flick, who did not know what it was called, but it seemed to me unreal to want to go to one side to take the curve in the other direction.

SainzFinland1996I Remember being “fought”, as from 95, with all those who cried without ceasing as of bad luck, Sainz is finishing, and so many other things. I am glad to know that, twenty years after those first chanzas, Sainz continues on to the summit without any trace of that bad luck that so unjustly attributed from certain places. Since we would like everybody to live the hundredth who has lived it, and have a very small part of their successes. As I said at the time.

This documentary a must-see, I recommend it highly. Reveals the time devoted to the rally, when he was champion of Spain of squash; their first steps into racing; his training in boxing. We will see Juanjo Lacalle, always a pleasure, and we feel part, of new, of one story of a time in which we were not nobody outside of Spain, in the world of nothing. It was a time precious in that we learned to feel good about the triumphs of an athlete, and we learned that the piece was very, very hard. It was, for the moment, something unrepeatable on rallies, although we already know that Fernando Alonso did the same in Formula 1.

This documentary will appeal to everybody, but honestly I think it has a special point for all of those that we live in a time and the evolution of a whole country that passed from being isolated, physically speaking, to be a reference for many years. And all thanks to the work of a phenomenon such as Carlos Sainz, a road warrior and a pilot sufficiently stubborn as to insist on a large pilot of rally should be fast on any surface.

What was, and what it is. Enjoy these two hours of history with capital letters.

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