In the era of the SUV, Kia continues betting for the sedans

In a market dominated by crossovers, there are still brands such as Kia, which continue to bet on the sedans compact, a format of bodywork that many manufacturers have abandoned.

Lto demand of the public today is focused on the crossovers and in some markets such as the united States their sales are already able to deal with other formats body more traditional. however, and despite this, brands like Kia are still betting on the sedans and in the Detroit Auto show 2018 just to introduce the new generation of the Kia Forte.

In the same Detroit motor show debut also in the new generation of the Volkswagen Jetta and the German firm confirmed that it will not develop the version with european specifications, because they do not plan to sell it in the old continent due to the low demand.

however, the vice-president of product planning Kia America Orth Hedrick claimed before the press that while the rest of the industry moves in another direction, from Kia understand that the sedans even have a greater impact in their current range, at least for the north american market.

last year, sales of the Kia Forte had his best sales record, with over 117,000 units delivered to new owners only in the united States, a market in which the signature south Korean offers several crossovers.

But one of the main reasons why, even in the american market still have weight the sedans, it is simply by their lower price compared to the crossovers, something similar to what happens in the canadian market, where the small cars are quite popular.

One of the strengths of Kia is the endowment of series included in their vehicles, and the new Forte will not be the exception. seats and steering wheel heated is probably part of his standard equipment, two items which are highly valued particularly in Canada.

Kia is one of the few manufacturers that still continues betting in this type of models and perhaps the choice to be successful if we see that their opponents have almost no participation within the segment.