In the excessive 80’s it was possible to buy a DeLoren DMC-12 gold-coated

Like what you hear. One of the stars of the catalogue of American Express in the year 1980 was the DeLorean DMC-12. But it is not a DeLorean either, but one whose body was covered by gold. And could be purchased by a holder of an American Express card that I had $ 85,000 of the time in your account. It may seem an amount of money not too high, but adjusting for inflation, in 2015 would be equivalent to 260,000 us dollars. Only two units officers were made, and this special edition was a resounding failure.

At the beginning of the years 80, $ 85,000 amounted to 260,000 current dollars, neither more nor less.

The production process of these DeLorean was complicated, and to avoid that the panels of gold is damaged, it was necessary that the workers use special clothing, as well as gloves. The coating process was manual, and he added so much weight to the car that it was necessary to reinforce its suspension. It was a stamp surreal: the DeLorean is covered in gold-the same line of production of the other DeLorean, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland), which was one of the most violent on the planet at that time.

delorean-oro-4the first of The two units manufactured by the factory in Belfast ended up in the hands of Roger Mize, president of Snyder National Bank in Texas. He was in the lobby of the bank for 20 years until it was donated to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The second unit manufactured was the only one in charge with a manual gearbox and an interior in light-colored leather. This unit is in the National Automobile Museum in Reno (Nevada) and has only 1,400 miles on its odometer. However, there are two other DeLorean gold.

One of them was built by Consolidated International, the company that bought the remains of the DeLorean after the bankruptcy. Thanks to the spare parts that American Express required in the event that any of the two units officers suffered any damage. The panels were mounted in 1983 on a car that was not overly manufactured. This copy is the property of a resident of Maryland, and for a time was the sale, for nothing less than $ 250,000. It is believed that she was not to be sold.

delorean-oro-3however, there is a fourth unit golden. One that was gold-plated by a workshop external to the DeLorean, at the request of its owner, in 1981. His whereabouts is unknown currently.

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