In the future, the BMW M could be electric and autonomous

BMW M2 2016BMW M is the division of sports of the German mark which has since 1972 by vehicles of high performance. They are also usually models pretty purists, following the guidelines of the classics. Although that could change in the future, as the systems in hybrid and electric will advance ground in our days. Also the driving autonomous is coming gradually, and BMW is no exception to this.

Could reach these technologies to BMW M coming soon? These were the statements of Ian Robertson, a member of the administrative board of the brand. “BMW M is enjoying the period most successful in its history. , it has achieved a wide range of vehicles, which are depleted in all the world, and ultimately I see that the technology (electrification) can move in both directions here.”

BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver EditionThough it is not really clear with your words, the steering suggests that is a possibility. Nor would it be a radical change and it could begin with the hybridization. Don’t forget the BMW i8, which is a sport hybrid with performance to take into account. is Not at all far-fetched a BMW with the badge of ‘M’ that have a technology, in addition to a dynamic behavior to the height.

In regards to the technology driving autonomous, Robertson gave as an example the BMW 7 Series. He stated that he can roll to 250 km/h by the Autobahn and later put it on semi-autonomously in a traffic jam. The important thing for him is that he “still we will have the pleasure of driving“. In any case, the next generation of BMW i will come in 2021, to see a BMW M with this technology we will have to wait even more.

Source – CarAdvice