In the #GarajeDiariomotor, the Lexus RX 450h: how much have you consumed in the city, this luxurious SUV hybrid?

This week, we have in the Garage motor Lexus RX 450h. It is a SUV hybrid luxury – there is more to see their prices, that start in the 63.200 euros – which has been recently renovated. We are already in the fourth generation of the Lexus RX, and from the second generation have been the flagship of hybrid technology of Lexus. At the time, I had the opportunity to fully test the previous Lexus RX 450h. It is time for your new iteration, and it is time to check your efficiency in city traffic of Gijón.

We are now going by the fourth generation of the Lexus RX, and its third iteration of the hybrid after the first RX 400h and RX 450h.

Before we get into flour, let’s take a brief review of their mechanical. It is an evolution of the mechanics of the previous generation of the Lexus RX, with no major changes to highlight. A system full-hybrid, in which the heat engine is a V6 3.5-litre Atkinson-cycle. An efficient maximum power of 262 HP, 13 HP more powerful than its previous generation. Is connected to two electric motors, one front of 167 BHP of power and one in the rear of 68 BHP. Both can propel the car for just about 2 km in mode 100% electric.

Lexus RX 450h, in the port of Avilés. Roll in silence at low speeds is a marvel. #lexus #photoshoot #carsofinstagram #carporn #hybrid #lexusrx #carswithoutlimits

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Take the energy of a battery nickel-hydride and 1.9 kWh capacity. The propeller group is identical to the Lexus RX 450h than that of the previous generation, although the energy consumption of electric motors has gone down. the total power of The system is 313 HP, and is transmitted to the four wheels by means of a gearbox CVT. On paper, this SUV aggressive aesthetic and highly differentiated consumes a average of 5.5 l/100 km. The average approved is the same in all the cycles of approval, urban, extra-urban and mixed.

The combined power of the hybrid system of the Lexus RX 450h is 313 HP, 14 HP more than its previous generation

But the reality is that the technology of a hybrid is exploited to a greater extent in a field exclusively urban, with frequent stops, acceleration and deceleration which allow to exploit to the maximum the performance of its three engines. Why but the majority of taxis are now Toyota Prius? To analyze the urban consumption real this Lexus RX 450h, I created an urban route type, which from now on I will consider the consumption of the hybrid. It is a route of 11.8 km, with an average speed that does not reach the 20 km/h.

Being efficient, it is a luxury to go down with the convenience of 7 to 100 in the city, exceeding by far the two tons of weight. #lexus #lexusrx #hybrid #carporn #motor #testdrive #carswithoutlimits #carporn

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is Just a section of one kilometer of the ring road and is of orography variable. I’ve started the route with the battery to half capacity and the motor cold. During the next month will pass through my hands, the Toyota Prius of new generation, the Toyota Auris Hybrid and the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. I check the differences between four of the six hybrids that Toyota and Lexus now offer. Hence the need of a path model to establish comparative reliable and comparable.

The urban route of testing is 11,8 kilometers and an average speed lower than 20 km/h. It is a tough test for the hybrid systems.

I Started my route, on which the traffic was normal. Nor low, neither excessive. I tried to take full advantage of the hybrid system of Lexus RX 450h, especially the circulation mode 100% electric, but always without interfering with the traffic or be slow. You could say that I’ve taken a leisurely pace, but it’s all normal. The result has been a consumption of 7.3 l/100 km to an average of 18 km/h in 38 minutes of driving. It is not the lowest average consumption that I have obtained in my first few days with the RX 450h.

lexus-rx-garaje-motor-2-mdmlexus-rx-garaje-motor-3-mdmIn Madrid, I went down to the 7 l/100 km in a quick trip to urban, with pieces of M-30. My urban route is more demanding, and submitted to their rigors to these three hybrids in the next few weeks. I will tell in this #GarajeDiariomotor the actual consumption of these vehicles in the city. In the meantime, I will continue analyzing the technology and equipment this is a complete SUV hybrid, extremely comfortable in any situation, and with an image that turns heads. Lexus has managed to differentiate very well in his new SUV from the competition.

Soon we will post in motor the full test, as well as the photo session to fund this Lexus RX 450h.