In the near future, only electric cars could circulate in Formentera

The small island of Formentera has only 20 kilometers long and 12,000 inhabitants, but in high season some 15,000 cars from all corners of Europe, disembarked in the island, turning the movement into a torture, as well as raising the levels of contamination. The Insular Council of Formentera has approved a plan of sustainability for the long term whose ultimate goal is to that only electric cars can circulate on the island, which presents the ideal conditions for this type of vehicle.

Currently still circulating about 147 Mehari classic in the small mediterranean island.

The councillor of tourism Alejandra Ferrer, explained that they want to be in the island more sustainable in the Mediterranean, but have not specified a time-frame to replace the 15,000 cars that come to the island each summer – in addition to the rental fleets, which make your August with the tourism. Currently there are only 14 charging points of electric cars on the island, in whose installation we have invested 100,000 euros in the past few years. 132 kilometres of road “green” are accessible only by electric vehicles.

Formentera has reached an agreement with Citroën, using that the French manufacturer has given six units of e-Mehari to the island. These six units will be visible in all the acts of promotion of the electric vehicle, and they are really an ideal vehicle to enjoy the island thanks to its body-convertible and his spirit beach. Citroën has even created a promotional video to the effect, that we collect on these lines. Citroën e-Mehari we have already discussed at length in our in-depth article.

This small power of 68 horses has four squares, it measures less than four meters and although its top speed is only 110 km/h, it has 200 km of autonomy, ideal to be visited several times Formentera. The Island Council believes that the best way to promote the use of the electric car is using tax incentives to businesses that install chargers for electric cars. Believe that about 200 facilities will be interested in your installation and offer electric cars for hire.

citroen-e-mehari-4In 2017 companies alquiladoras also will start offering electric cars. What will prosper, this plan of drive of the electric car? How the day will come when all the cars in Formentera are electric?

Source: Bolsamania