In the new Honda Civic Global turbos are here to stay

We generations and two exclusive for Europe if we talk about the Honda Civic. The overall Honda Civic has become a cross between a compact and a sedan, while the European Civic has been in its present form compact. The Honda Civic is renewed overall full , premiering tenth very technological generation after the commercial disaster of the ninth generation, especially in the United States, one of its main markets. This Civic also opens turbo technology for its petrol engines .

it is larger than the Honda, more dynamic and agile outgoing Civic.

Which means that turbos are here to stay in Honda . A few months ago I already spoke Honda Jade RS, the first modern Honda to mount a moderate power turbo gasoline in her womb. After testing in the Japanese market it is time turbo engines expand the mass market . The main novelty of the tenth generation Honda Civic is a new platform, with 25% more torsional rigidity the ninth generation. The suspension is independent in both axes, the management now has varying hardness.

honda-civic-2016-2 seems that Honda wanted to create one of the most dynamic cars in its segment , with stronger stabilizer bars on both axles and a manual gearbox with short developments designed with driving pleasure in mind . Standard features a simulated self-locking which improves cornering. By using high strength steel new Honda Civic is 31 kg lighter than the outgoing model , despite being 5 cm wider and have a 2.75 cm longer wheelbase.

Standard infotainment system is compatible with Apple and Android carplay Auto.

The engines will be two at first. The base engine remains a 2.0 i-VTEC aspirated with 158 horsepower – 15 additional hp over the previous engine – and can link to either a manual gearbox six relations as a box CVT . The most interesting option is engine 1.5 i-VTEC Turbo, with at least 170 horsepower , uniquely associated with a gearbox CVT . For both engines a combined consumption of less than 6 l / 100 km is announced, according to the test cycle of EPA American.

honda-civic-2016-4 Aesthetically, evolves favorably compared to the current Civic with a more aggressive look, a very sporty wheels and grille looks nice. A very aerodynamic and stylish design , which features the current European model is divine, as the taillights LED as a boomerang. Inside we find a sober, simple and technological cabin without experiments Multiple Display TFT as in the case of the previous generation. Everything looks good and first class ergonomics.

A European Civic for the US

The European Honda Civic hatchback will be imported from the United Kingdom to the United States . This means that possibly in the US they can enjoy the 2.0 i-VTEC engine of 310 hp Turbo already have been tested in the Type R European bestial. In addition to the Civic hatchback, Honda Civic continue launching a three-door coupe appearance based on the global model, which also enjoy a motorized version 2.4 If i-VTEC 200 hp and a Type R engine version that shares our Type R. A range of as complete.


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