In the range of Genesis there is room for two SUV’s and a sports coupe

The future of Genesis (see 5 questions and answers on Genesis), the signature premium now separate from Hyundai, does not look bad and no, we don’t tell only by the recent addition of SangYup Lee, who until now was the designer of the Bentley. In the coming years, until 2020, will appear between the releases of the brand’s two SUVS and a sports coupe, Will be a gap between the premium German, between BMW, Audi and Mercedes?

As we have from Car&Driver (of the hand The Korean Car Blog), we would be in the future more imminent of the brand with two new sedans, a Genesis G80 that would be the evolution of the Hyundai Genesis that we already know, the alternative to the segment E of Genesis and a G70 would become a rival of the BMW 3 Series and company, and that would have been ahead by the Genesis New York Concept.

in Addition to these two sedans, made between 2016 and 2017, there would be two new SUV that would come between 2017 and 2020. That would be an SUV that would rival the Audi Q7 and the BMX X5 and an SUV located one rung below, in the segment of the Audi Q5.

Genesis has not forgotten those who want something more than luxury, they also want fair play and raises the arrival of a sport coupe, that, for now, few details have been transcended.

SangYup Lee will be in charge of setting the way of the aesthetic of these models and we should not forget that Albert Biermann, formerly in the BMW M, is also among the ranks of Hyundai, which could be good news for the development of the above-mentioned sports coupe.