In the united States, enrollment fell by 4.1% in August

matriculacionesnot long ago united States was the first market in the world for the car industry. However the chinese woke up and have occupied the first post in the world by registrations of new vehicles. And not only that, they have become the country that more number of cars produces in the world showing that not only are large in land and population.

After that, the united States has had to be satisfied with a more than creditable second square. However sales of new passenger cars in the country Uncle Sam are suffering fluctuations that are a few months in numbers black and others in red. The past August has played red numbers with a sales encrypted in 1.512.560 units representing a 4.1% less compared with the same month of last year.

Genesis G80

Genesis G80

brands that more sales volume have been obtained for this order are Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda and Nissan. However not have gotten rid of close your sales in a negative with falls located between the 3 percent Honda and the 9 percent Ford. This leaves the cumulative annual sales in the same units as 2015 these dates with 11.680.260 drives just a 0.6 per cent in 2016.

however, we have that to point out three brands in particular. By a party is Jeep that has managed to increase its sales in a 12 percent with 86.468 units sold. The second brand that we should mention is Subaru. The japanese brand is living a sweet moment in the united States as it has managed to increase its sales by an 15 percent reaching 60.418 units registered.

To finish we would like to congratulate Hyundai and its signature premium Genesis. This brand has started its american adventure in a formal manner in the past month, and his start has been positive, as it has managed to enroll 1.497 units the only two models that have for sale. In this case, and waiting for it to be expanded with more members, the range is made for the sedans Genesis G80 and the G90.

Source – NHTSA