In the video, so it works the way launch control of the Porsche 911 [Video]

During the presentation of the new Porsche 911 and their new mechanics biturbo Porsche put us up that easy of squeezing it to the background, something not too easy when you do not have a circuit to hand. To do this, Porsche not only cut off a stretch of mountain, but in addition prepared in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife a test mode launch control… and we have prepared a video to enseñártelo.

With the new engines, the Race has 370 horses and the Race S 420 horses:

Aesthetically the changes are minor, new optics, new accents in the bumper, a new finish for the “hump” back…

Turn the manettino to put the mode Sport Plus, step on the brake with the left foot and gas fund with the right, we wait a few seconds and release the brake. Easy and really effective. A few seconds after we have overcome the barrier of 100 km/h practically without inmutarnos, without complication of any kind.

Equipped now with a block of 3 liters of cubicaje, accompanying the 6 cylinders in boxer by a system, biturbo, we find 370 horses in the case of Race and 420 horses in the case of the Carrera S, increasing in each case in 50 Nm torque with respect to the version atmospheric at the time that we gain new details in its cycle, such as the suspension adaptive series.

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Pair, either pair, from the first bars of the rev counter, a delivery well profitable, well-blunt. Yes, we’ll miss the naturally aspirated engines, but we can not deny to Porsche the good work done with these new propellants.

we tell You all the details of the dynamics of the new Porsche 911 and the changes introduced in the article “Porsche 911 (2016) to test: time to see the faces with the new turbo engines”.

Time of give the play: so it works the way launch control Porsche 911