In video, a new Audi A4 out of the hand of Auto Express


Audi has completely updated to Audi A4 tray to serve a new generation of its sedan that video can now know, with the help of Auto Express , one of the first analysis to be published.

The latest rumors are saying that the next RS4 will have an electric turbo and could be also available with bodywork family.

Under these conservative air Audi presents a completely new saloon lighter, with a new interior design, fully digital instrumentation initially known in the Audi TT and a range of engines remains in the hands of three options TFSI and four alternatives TDI with a range of between 150 and 272 horses .

With the help of this video Auto Express can also appreciate from new angles to this new generation of the Audi A4, see certain details presented directly by some of the technicians responsible for its development: responsible for their mechanical, its technology, its chassis …

To learn more about the new Audi A4:

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Video of the new Audi A4 by Auto Express

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