In Vitoria is just the bargain you know where is the mobile radar

Plaza radar Vitoria

the seats of The car radar are conveniently marked in Vitoria

In Vitoria-Gasteiz the mobile radar of the Local Police have a peculiarity. The driver can know where you can available. This is because there was a time in which the surfeit popular did react to the city Council, by then in the hands of Javier Maroto, of the Popular Party. The mobile radar, a Ford Focus II silver with tuition FKC known by all the people from alava, I used to park in places not allowed to punish. It was the own radar to violate the rules to catch the offenders.

The reviews were such that the city Council decided to act in a way very curious, enabling more of 60 parking spaces exclusive to the radar. That is to say, in these limited areas, and with the inscription “Radar” alone could park this Ford Focus grey for fine. The majority of the spaces are located in parking areas, but in some places they are painted on the sidewalk. Knowing the locations made the people from alava quickly know where you can be the radar, but the bargain is just.

Ford Focus gris radar Vitoria

A Focus of grey as this parked on any street makes all the drivers people from alava to affix the foot to the brake

The new city government, with Gorka Urtaran of the PNV as mayor, has decided to finish with this measure. Consider that the measure is not effective because drivers are aware of the different locations of the radar. And so it is, because two days before they retire, a municipal police put the multamóvil in places not marked and fined more than 200 drivers. Despite the previous commitment of the City to keep the location of the car in these parking spaces, it is completely legal to fine out the same. The data corroborate the 20% decline in sanctions from 2014 to 2015, going from 15.902 fines 12.797.

From now on, and despite the voice criticism of the PP from the opposition, the well-known Focus grey be fined in any point. Hopefully this multamóvil place in the most conflictive areas, and where more danger involves an excess of speed, always respecting the rules of parking.

Currently reserved places on the radar are placed on the streets on the city’s outskirts and in polygons industry, where it is easier to exceed with the speed and less danger involved. In the most crowded streets of the center, no trace of the radar. It is usual, even, to see this Focus grey in different polygons on Sundays, when there is no activity in the enterprise, and where less danger implies not exceed, within reasonable limits, 50 km/h to maintain in the urban core (30 km/h in zones of calm traffic where it coexists with cyclists).

Source – Gasteiz Today