In what countries are driving worse? Ranking to know where extreme caution is

Países en los que se conduce peor

¿In what countries is leads worse? Interesting ranking done with data collected by the World Health Organization.

¿have You ever wondered what countries are driving worse? When we speak of regions of the planet with higher rate of mortality in road we tend to put the spotlight on Eastern Europe or somewhere in Asia. Countries in which the traffic rules are very lax and whose citizens have a driver education almost non-existent. However, if we take a look at the data, we realize that in countries not so far away to our deaths by traffic accidents have significant levels.

According to the data compiled by the World Health Organization in 2013, and which are reflected in the ranking that you can see a few lines below, the drivers circulating on the roads of the countries with low or middle-income have more than double chances of dying in a traffic accident with respect to their counterparts in the developed countries where is Spain.

Thailand is the country that has been the prize a place in which you have more chances of winning the prize that no one wants to die in a traffic accident. Account with the highest rate of mortality in road of 36.2 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. In comparison with the average of developed nations (located in a 9.3-dead on road) is very relevant.

Países en los que se conduce peor

Ranking of countries in which there is a higher rate of mortality in road traffic accidents per 100,000 inhabitants.

second place in the ranking is occupied by south Africa (25 deaths/100,000 inhabitants) while Malaysia stands at the third place with a figure somewhat lower than that of the country of south africa. In fourth position we have in Brazil and in 5/6th place are tied China and Russia. The truth is that seeing the fame that they have earned the drivers of Russian-based viral videos on YouTube, it is surprising that they are so down.

European Union nor is saved and some of its member states also appear in this list. Poland, Greece, Hungary and the Czech Republic (in this order) are the countries that recorded a higher rate of mortality on the road. The difference between Czech Republic (a little more than 5 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants) and Poland (10 deaths per 100,000 citizens) is remarkable.

Another factor to take into account for this ranking are those countries in which the use of two-wheeled vehicles such as small motorcycles is widespread due to the dense and chaotic traffic. In cities such as Bangkok (capital of Thailand) in certain places and times of the day to take the car it can be a real trap. It is for this reason that the variable of having a traffic accident with a motorcycle or car must be present.