Increase in August, a 10% of the vehicle registrations in Europe

matriculacionesAfter the stumbling that suffered the registrations of new vehicles in Europe in July it seems that August has come to remedy the situation. The eighth month of the year, traditionally bad for the vacations nearly widespread in all industrial sectors, has experienced a growth sales of new vehicles in Europe. With this growth of the european auto industry is pointing to other so much and hopes to continue this path from here to close of the year.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) during the year, registrations of new vehicles (passenger cars) in the European Union has grown a 8,1 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. This growth figure in 9.787.760 units registered.

matriculaciones ACEAIf we focus on August, according to ACEA, registrations of passenger cars in the European Union have grown 10 per cent. This growth has been encryption in 819.126 units and contrasts with the descent of the 1,4 percent that was experienced in July. If we look at the chart, we see that it is the second largest monthly growth so far this year, however their relevance is lower due to that August tends to be a month of sales quiet.

To achieve these data we must take into account the good march of the large european markets. The main increases in sales of August have been recorded in Italy with 20.1 percent, and in Spain with a rise of 14.6 per cent. The third country to close the podium is Germany with 8.3 percent. The fourth and fifth are represented by France with a 6.7 per cent and Uk with a 3.3 per cent respectively.

In the first nine months of the year, the major european markets for its volume growth has been Italy with a growth of 17.4 percent, Spain with a 11.3 percent, France located at 6.1 percent, Germany with 5.7 percent and closed Uk with a 2.8 per cent (possibly weighed down by the effect Brexit).

Source – ACEA