Increases drug use both on drivers and on pedestrians


The National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, has published his memory of the results of the year 2014, in which we have analyzed 614 drivers and 173 pedestrians killed in traffic accidents. There is a high correlation between drug use and mortality.

have Not been analyzed 100% of the victims of the year, but it is a very representative sample

In the case of drivers who died, the 39,09% had consumed alcohol and/or drugs, a percentage very similar to the 39,88% of pedestrian deaths. The vast majority of the victims of both groups died at the scene of an accident, the rest in the hospital. Attention is called to the huge majority of males in front of women. The problem will not be attending a lot of ages, but young people are not the worst.

The data show a good news and a bad one. We started by the first, the rate of victims with positive blood alcohol is descenciendo in the last few years. Drivers have passed a 30,99% 26,22%, and pedestrians of the 24,17% 21,38%, with data from 2010 until 2014.


it Is noteworthy that the 77,63% of drivers who died showed a blood alcohol level higher than 1.2 grams per liter. The percentage of pedestrians with that rate rises to 81,08%. If we were lacking reasons to relate alcohol with mortality…

Now the bad. Although the consumption of alcohol above the legal limits low, the consumption of drugs is rising. In terms of drivers, we have gone from a 12,51% of positive drugs in 2010 to 13.55% in 2014. With respect to psychotropic drugs, from 8.30% to 10,74% in four years.

2012 was a bad year in the positive for all these substances

Is a clear upward trend, while 2014 was a year in which fell the positive of alcohol, drugs and psychoactive drugs with respect to 2013. Happens something similar with the pedestrians, the positive for a drug increase slowly (without regularity), but psychoactive drugs have increased their presence more clearly. Just look at the graphics.


The DGT is still much more focused on the hunting of the alcohol in the hunting of other drugs. Only have to compare the 6.5 million drink-driving controls in front of 4,500 tests that look for substances not authorised in the year 2013.

The alcohol is present between 30 and 50% of fatal accidents

it Is necessary to increase the preventive controls. Of those 6.5 million “solid”, 100.858 were made to drivers, rugged, and 711.273 offenders. The rest simply were found to be positive in a preventive control. The figures are similar to those of 2012.

little by Little, society is going to raise awareness on the incompatibility of alcohol with driving, but there is work to do regarding drugs. The most widely used are cocaine and cannabis derivatives. 2004 was the worst year of the historical series with respect to the consumption of drugs.