Incredible but true, a Subaru WRX STI in a bobsleigh track (video)

Subaru WRX STI y Mark Higgins descienden por una pista de bobsleigh

Subaru is not afraid of any type of challenge, they will scare the british pilot Mark Higgins. On this occasion, the Rally driver has not travelled with all speed to the Isle of Man at the controls of a Subaru WRX STI in search of a new record, or series or modified. It seems that the past year had the urge to smash the clock in the famous Isle of Man, but now the challenge has been very different: descend a bobsleigh track.

The challenge has been carried out on the bobsleigh track of St. Moritz, in the Swiss Alps, which opened back in 1904, the first of the story and place where it is said that was born this olympic sport. It seems to be that the sole purpose Subaru of Mark Higgins was getting to the end of the tour and, as we see in this video, they get it; but not without more of a trouble. The track is made for sleds, not for cars, and the Subaru WRX STI is about to dump.

In the video that we have just seen, the Subaru WRX STI Mark Higgins is “footwear” with a few tyres winter with nails to ensure some traction and guided by the direction, as with the dry tyres it would be impossible to control. To a few seconds of starting the descent we see the first problems; the track is narrow and beating against the walls are constant and, at times, violent.

If we look at some of the sequences, we see that the body of the WRX STI has some damage as the breakage of a lighthouse or dents in the sides. But the most tense comes almost at the end of the descent, in the minute 1:30 playback of the video. After a steep curve with a lot of cant, the Subaru piloted by Higgins comes out of the curve on two wheels and hitting the walls. Luckily, you end up with all four wheels on the ground without tipping over. We hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as us.