Incredible but true, this is the only Corvette diesel known to date


Incredible but true, the Corvette diesel that runs on vegetable oil.

Although it may seem it is not a joke, this Chevrolet Corvette 1985 do not have your engine L98 V8 usual, but diesel engine also runs on vegetable oil. As eco-friendly as absurd, but true.

The responsible of such an experiment is an american called Mike Spangler, which his friends nicknamed “Spank” and that has prepared this ‘Vette powered by vegetable oil to be able to compete in the “24 Hours of LeMons”.

A competition of amateur that is celebrated in north America and among its few rules have a rule that forces its participants to compete with a vehicle that has a value equal to or lower than 500 dólares.


Spangler along with his creature, holding a bottle of oil, its fuel.

Spangler found the Corvette abandoned in a solar, so that became the ideal candidate for this competition, where you can usually find vehicles in very poor condition but rarely a sport of the size of the Corvette.

The ‘Vette was pretty rickety and in addition we was missing the motor, so that the next step was to find a mechanic to return to give it life. Mechanics that should be first of all economic, hence a old block 350 Diesel Oldsmobile (of an engine, I would not want anyone else and that they found on Craigslist) ended up hosted on the vain front of the Corvette.

The engine was slightly modified and installed in the beat-up old Corvette, which also looks fake stickers of sponsorship to finish the job. The idea of Spangler, install a diesel engine such a bad reputation in a model like the Corvette, a priori it has been a success, have made all of us to look in his Corvette and has been the subject already of several articles in specialized media.


The “CorVegge” is ideal for all the taunts and ironies of its owner. The new releases are good example of this.

Called affectionately “CorVegge”, as a result of joining the words Corvette and vegetables, to build it has not been an easy task. In addition of installing protection measures as common as the safety cage, is faced with the problem of the density of the oil (used vegetable oil), at low temperatures does not flow into the engine with the speed necessary.

This was solved installing a heater, which allows to lose density and flow better, but to start it you need to do it with diesel. In addition, the engine Oldsmobile it also required some modifications to the injectors to be able to use the oil.

The result must be judged by the anecdotal of the work,
since it can not boast of high performance. According to your
owner, feels something of the couple inherent engine turbo
when pressed hard on the accelerator, but it lacks completely of
power and speed
. Although in LeMons is not the speed which
really counts, but having a good time, so that is usual
meet the costumed participants of a thousand and one ways