IND has prepared a duet of BMW M2 and M4 for the SEMA Show 2016


The preparer IND shows us his particular vision of the BMW M2 and M4.

we Continue with the news that we see from today 1st of November until the next day 4 at the SEMA Show in 2016. In particular, we echo the two creations with the coach cars IND will invade in this event which, remember, will be in the city of Las Vegas (united States). As you have read in the holder, it is a BMW M2 and a BMW M4. Two of the most popular models created by the guys from BMW M.

In the first place and to deepen the BMW M4 which you can see in pictures. It should be noted that it is a revision of the model introduced in society as the preparer at the beginning of this year. A preparation with the IND wanted to celebrate their tenth anniversary. And to display it to the public to let them see at the SEMA Show, we have made some additional improvements. This is one of the BMW M4 most modified in the world.

His painting Yas Marina has been withdrawn and in his place was chosen a purple that is to say the least discreet. We have also installed some new rims as well as a body kit updated in which we find a new bumper and a splitter. All of this in carbon fiber as it is logical. Other interesting details of this BMW M4 prepared by IND are the Brembo brakes, suspension, KW Coilover, or the cabin, custom top to bottom.


Both models are modified by IND can be seen at the SEMA Show 2016 Las Vegas.

┬┐And what about the BMW M2 amended by IND? If we take a look at his images, we see that the “baby M4” created by BMW M receives a variety of settings such as a new exhaust system Eisenmann, a body kit carbon fiber in which we highlight items such as a new rear spoiler and a new diffuser, rear as well as a divisor with which to accentuate your image and radical sports.

Also draws our attention to the headlights yellow and the new alloy wheels with 11 spokes in silver color. As with the M4, have been upgraded Brembo brakes and the suspension. In its interior, the roll cage or the small fire extinguisher reveal where to circulate this BMW M2. All of this seasoned with the typical elements of a model that has passed through the hands of BMW M.

By the time the preparer has not given more details about these two models that, as we say, we can see these days in Las Vegas during the SEMA Show 2016.