India is being revealed against autonomous cars prohibiéndolos

The saying says it best that no one “evolve or die”, however, it seems that evolution is not well seen in some sectors of the industry and for some countries of the world. As we already know (by the continuous bombardment of this type of news) autonomous cars represent the future of the automotive sector (along with electrical) but it seems that some countries are still reluctant to invade their roads.

One of the states that seems to be against of autonomous cars and has already been pronounced in a clear way has been the India. This asian country has decided to go against the evolution and autonomous cars, but not blocking their development within their borders, but preventing the sale and circulation on their roads. According to have collected several media, the explanation that would have given the authorities of the country, would be centred on the protection of thousands of jobs.

apparently, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India have expressed their annoyance with this type of technology applied to the car. The main reason why you have made these statements is directed to the the protection of the jobs of the thousands of professional drivers that populate the country. As we know, India is a country super crowded and not everyone has a car to get around, hence, there is a sector of professional transport very developed.

If the autonomous cars are in charge, without the need for drivers, human transport to the citizens, hindus, the unemployment rate will rise, making taxi drivers lose their jobs. For this reason, since the ministry does not only prohibit the sale of autonomous cars in the country, but that will support the training of 5 thousand new professional drivers.

a counterpoint to this prohibition of sale is that the authorities have confirmed that yes will open their pathways for brands that may wish to to test its autonomous cars. Tata Motors is one of the brands that it is already doing, and to do this it has created a track that combines all the possible elements that interfere in the leadership of the country, such as cows, motorcycles, bikes, stretches of roads without signage, and a myriad of setbacks.

Will have to see how it evolves this prohibition, and if in the future you do not have to be retracted.

Source – Automotive News

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