Indulge yourself with the new ad from Castrol: Koenigsegg One:1 and the Aston Martin Vulcan at Ascari

The last advertising campaign of Castrol to sponsor their high performance lubricants will leave you with your mouth open. Eager to demonstrate the advantages of using their latest generation of lubricants, have been proposed to test the Ascari circuit two of the cars most radical of the time, the Koengisegg One:1 and the Aston Martin Vulcan. Do you want to see what has been the result?

Ascari circuit in Ronda, Malaga, has become one of the references to the best manufacturers of cars in the world. We talk about a private tour with a very technical track where it is easy to find the best machines of the moment, but whose access is not available to the public. In motor we know very well the Ascari circuit, and you can be sure that each new visit is a treat for the eyes.

Castrol, with the occasion of the launch of its new generation of lubricants, decided to test one of their best pilots. The challenge was a race with the same car, but not as we are accustomed to. First, the pilot would have to mark a best time in a driving simulator, then you should beat the record at the controls of the car.

The two cars chosen are not trivial. On one side we find the Koenigsegg One:1, the charge of coining the appellation of megadeportivo to achieve the 1.340 HP of maximum power (1 Megawatt). But in addition the model more prestacional of Koenigsegg gets its name from its power to weight ratio, as its configuration will allow for a weight/power ratio of 1:1, or what is the same 1.340 CV to 1.340 kg.

The other alternative of Castrol was not other that to jump on the Aston Martin Vulcan, which is another of the car more performance at the moment and that represents the very best in terms of technology and benefits, according to Aston Martin. We speak of a car of zero limitations, as we are talking of a car designed by and for their exclusive use in circuits. Your engine V12 maximum power it is capable of developing 800 HP and represents the culmination of the exclusivity to be within the reach of only 24 clients.

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