Industry reiterates: the investments of the Volkswagen Group in Spain are guaranteed, do we have what we believe?

to the solution of the engines TDI fixing of the Volkswagen Group has already arrived, at least in Europe. At least for the greater part of engines 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI, because there are still fringed on the loose: some engines are affected and the diesel americans are still pending of solution. We have published an in-depth article where we review the solution proposed by Volkswagen. With the crisis TDI in the process of solution, the Minister of Industry has reiterated that the investments of the Volkswagen Group in Spain would remain intact.

The Volkswagen Group reduced its investment in 1000 million euros, but Spain would remain intact.

According to statements by the Minister of Industry – collected by Europa Press – we should confirmation both oral and written, to 4,200 million euros that the Volkswagen Group would be committed to Spain in the coming years remain intact. For those of 4,200 million euros, the vast majority are committed to SEAT. 3,300 million euros to be repaid in the facilities in Martorell and the development of new products, delving specifically in the profitable segments B and C, as well as the crossover.


The 900 million remaining euros are destined to the facilities of Volkswagen in Landaben (Navarre), where it manufactures the Volkswagen Polo. It would have been the own Matthias Müller – CEO of the Volkswagen Group – would have confirmed that no reduction in a single euro investment announced in Spain. As far as we know, the German consortium will cut the simplification of its model range, canceling the construction of a design center in Wolfsburg and delaying the development of a new Volkswagen Phaeton.

On paper, the investments in the subsidiaries of Spanish of the Volkswagen Group are guaranteed until the next five-year period.

After the announcement of the Ministry of Industry, the reaction of the trade unions was not slow in coming to light. A reaction skeptical, in that they express the lack of specificity of such investments, with projects and concrete deadlines. Especially hard have been in CCOO: “we were hoping from this meeting that we concretaran projects. We expected, therefore, to go out with a certain peace of mind in regard to investment and employment that is linked to these investments, but we come with the holder and a little more”.


Although on paper, the investments are guaranteed, from motor we take the news with a pinch of skepticism. Why? Because still unknown is the impact on the accounts of the Volkswagen Group that the Dieselgate will have. Especially taking into account that the united States could impose sanctions in the millions, and has not presented the technical solution for the half a million cars affected at the other side of the pond. Nor should we forget the impact on the level of sales that this crisis will have – and already is having.

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