Indy 500 Edition 101st 2017: Special follow-up of the career of Fernando Alonso

Alonso en la Indy 500

Start the race Indy 500 in Indianapolis, 500 long miles ahead with 200 turns of the circuit in oval and with cant with these cars so fast that they reach speeds of more than 350Km/h and with a steering geometry asymmetric to provide the money. In this 101st Edition will involve two Spanish as you already know, Oriol Serviá and Fernando Alonso, but the first is a veteran that takes time to competing and Alonso does this for the first time and with just a few days of learning in the real car and the simulator, so is a complete newbie that will leave 5th as you know. The last 20 laps will be the toughest, where there are no teammates, just rivals…

The forecast of rain threatened the race, but in some sources gave great chances of rain, so that you could not run and would have to move the race to Monday. In others, the chances of rain were null and void and provided a radiant sun. Regardless of the weather forecast, say that Alonso came in with no experience on ovals, something that they have done other F1 drivers who have arrived to this category, who had experience on ovals in this or another category prior to your arrival. The excitement over Fernando has been highest, and Andretti has been impressed and it has exceeded their expectations seeing as how he already from the first laps and how he attacked the inner side of the track… In qualifying was the pole, that would have been historic, but the Honda engine had to be replaced and rolled with a motor without any filming, so that was a disadvantage, and despite that, it was 5th, winning the award for the rookie faster.

Alonso en el box de Indianápolis

Strong accidents in the Indy 500, and we have seen how it has had to resume the race for these problems. Fortunately no rider seems to have suffered damage too severe. Of course, it has been a constant struggle constant during the 200-lap with lots of overtaking, something that in F1 is not so frequent. In addition to tyre changes and refuelling, the latter banned in the last few years of F1. There has been a moment in which the four leaders of the race were team drivers Andretti, among them Alonso, Rossi, and Sato. The poleman has been one of the who has starred in a huge accident as you will have seen, therefore it has been a very good opportunity for him and the team wasted.

Everything has been very tight at the top, in a few moments, Alonso has had some problems, and has been asked from the radio to the computer that save fuel, save during a part of the race. And in the absence of 21 laps, the engine Honda has said enough is enough, again because of the Honda engine is left without anything in another race. Impressive the reliability of the engine… With the options of face-to-victory, and nothing. Another new smokes in the engine of the Spanish pilot. The rookie has not been able to win and it leaves a very sour taste with this result because, certainly, everything was possible and being a rookie it would be a dream to reach and take the bottle of milk. Wow the sovereign pissed off, that you must have Alonso with nippon mark! And we will see if this does not impair their renewal with McLaren-Honda in F1 ahead of the season 2018. Disaster also of the career of Oriol that has touched the end of the race starring in a collision chain impressive leaving many cars out and that was in a good position.