Infiniti begins production of the revamped Q50 in its factory in Mexico

The opening of a production centre is something to review in a car brand. The investments have to be made to their lines, leaving their models are large and therefore have to be well thought out. The Alliance Renault-Nissan didn’t have a factory of sufficient productive capacity in Latin america, and for this reason, together with its new partner, Daimler-Benz launched the construction of it.

is Not that Mexico does not join their models, so Nissan is one of the brands of cars with more roots in the country, but in this case the plant had to manufacture models of cutting premium. Therefore, the firm in charge of creating these new facilities has been Infiniti. The reason is simple and has to do with its growing volume of sales in the united States and the aztec country.

model chosen by Infiniti to start production has been the back renewed Q50. This model represents an important part of the sales of the brand and in the united States its demand is increasing. For this reason have decided to apply some very subtle changes in addition to a new mechanical petrol turboalimentada in V6 configuration with a 3-liter 400 hp and 474 Nm of torque.

Another novelty that arrives to the catalog of the Infiniti Q50 is the possibility of to mount the driving system of autonomous ProPilot. It’s already mounted some models of Nissan, and will incorporate the next Leaf. With it you can perform certain actions related to the driving in a completely autonomous when the driver go to low speeds or to remain within a single lane.

interior also come changes focusing primarily on a new steering wheel, wooden appliqués are scattered throughout the center console and higher quality materials to the touch and sight. With them Infiniti wants to bring the image of the Q50 to the new Q60 for that, the saloon has average stamina longer fresh on the market.

Source – Infiniti

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