Infiniti continues to grow, it closes the month of march with 24.900 units delivered

Infiniti Q30 2016The luxury brand of Nissan, Infiniti, live sweet times. For two years, the japanese company continues to grow, recording a new record in sales global concerns. The arrival of new products is further strengthening this trend, by daring to debark in new segments. Just close the best first quarter in its entire history, with a month of march excellent which you have delivered 24.900 units. Even so the firm is not satisfied and want to continue to grow, taking advantage of their upcoming releases.

Nothing less than 57.200 units have been able to sell Infiniti in around the world in the first quarter of this year. This figure who has come close to the 60,000 cars represents an improvement of 9% compared to the same period of the past year. Infiniti grows in the major markets, getting to deliver on our continent to 3,900 units. In America nor did they go wrong things, closing out the quarter with a 15.100 cars sold. Although if there is that highlight a market that is chinese, region where to grow a 14% compliance miserably with 3.800 units.

Infiniti Q60 Coupé 2017Infiniti presented at the Detroit motor show the Q60 Coupe, a sports sedan has an attractive design with which they are expected to continue to celebrate record sales. In the same way have just released the Q30, a compact part in our country at 24.900 euros that seeks to steal the limelight from the premium germans. Will also give that you talk to the next QX30, an SUV inspired by the model above which assumes access to the range SUV of the brand.

Roland Krueger, president of Infiniti Motor Company, was talking about the good moment that the company is experiencing: “I Am very excited by the record sales of march and the great results in the first quarter of the year. We hope to be able to continue and even accelerate this momentum with the launches of new cars like the QX30, and the Q60 during the rest of the year.”

Source – Infiniti