Infiniti grew by 149% in 2016 in Spain thanks to the Q30


Infiniti Q30

The Premium brand is Nissan seeks to carve a niche in the saturated Spanish market, with a bid different, with a personality more eastern. To do volume it was essential to have a compact, and the Infiniti Q30 came at the right time, with 13 units registered before the start of the 2016. In the year 2015 were enrolled 494 Infiniti, a shy increase of 6% compared to 2014.

But in 2016, things have been very different, because they have grown to a volume of 1,236 units, that is to say, a 149% more than in the previous year. The Q30 has achieved 701 enrolments, is a discrete volume, but very large proportionally to the numbers which makes Infiniti in our country.

version crossover, Q30, the Infiniti QX30, has not enticed many customers, only have been registered 102 units. In part be explained by only having two versions, same engine, same gearbox and both with all-wheel drive. Only change in the equipment. The price difference with the Q30 is very difficult to justify, as we see in the proof of the QX30 2.2 d 7G-DCT with the Premium finish (“basic”).

Model Sales 2015 Sales 2016
Q30 13 701
QX30 N/D 102
Q50 287 336
QX50 39 18
Q60 9 N/D
Q70 36 31
QX70 110 43

As we can see, Infiniti is not very successful with the half of its range, a phenomenon easily explicable: some models have stopped selling or are themselves of volume, very discreet. Is on backorder the new Q60 (coupe), as well as the QX50 (SUV). The sedan Q50 has made a discreet role in the segment.

therefore, short-term, Infiniti has to give output to all of the Q30 and QX30 possible, that unlike the rest of models, is manufactured in the European Union to build the “Brexit”. Nissan produces at its giant factory in Sunderland in the United Kingdom. A large part of the components supplied by Mercedes-Benz, to be the Q30 and the QX30 derivative of the compact class of the star (and GLA).

The Q30 has achieved a quota in his segment of the 0.11 per cent, from the main rivals

Now, how is the typical client of the Q30? The 82% has opted for diesel engines, only a 18% for options of gasoline. The options of diesel fuel are the 1.5 d (109 HP) and the 2.2 d (170 HP), without any intermediate step. In the Premium C-segment are more attractive versions of intermediate potency, say 140-150 HP, especially talking about diesel. In terms of gasoline, is the 1.6 t (122 HP), 1.6 tc (156 HP) and the 2.0 t (211 HP).

List of prices of the Infiniti Q30

Version Power Price
Q30 1.6 t 122 HP 24.900 euros
Q30 1.5 d 109 HP 26.700 euros
Q30 1.6 t Premium 122 HP 28.600 euros
Q30 1.5 d Premium 109 HP 28.600 euros
Q30 1.5 d 7DCT Premium 109 HP 30.800 euros
Q30 1.5 d Sport 109 HP 31.700 euros
Q30 1.6 tc Premium 156 HP 33.100 €
Q30 1.5 d Premium Tech 109 HP 33.200 €
Q30 2.2 d Premium 7DCT 170 CV 33.900 euros
Q30 2.2 d Premium AWD 7DCT 170 CV 36.150 €
Q30 2.2 d Sport 7DCT 170 CV 37,200 persons euros
Q30 2.2 d Premium Tech 7DCT 170 CV 38.600 euros
Q30 2.2 d AWD Sport 7DCT 170 CV 39.500 euros
Q30 2.2 d Premium Tech AWD 7DCT 170 CV 40.900 euros
Q30 2.0 t AWD Sport 7DCT 211 HP 42.900 euros

it Is clear that the offer on the diesel is more pampered, there are only four petrol and 11 diesel. On the other hand, we check that the supply is very rigid, you can not choose the diesel engine of 170 HP with manual gearbox, or there are all-wheel drive for base models, and several combinations of engine/equipment are not available.

When we consulted a manufacturer and asked the reason of these limitations, we respond that adhere to what is in demand. In the case of the Q30 you can’t talk about a previous experience of market, so that it is reasonable to think that it has been able to lose any sales by not meet a new client. For example, there is a petrol automatic 156 HP finishing with the higher, you would be forced to buy a diesel.

In the brands Premium gives a lot of freedom to the customer to choose any combination of engine, gearbox, type of traction and equipment, at least in the brands that they sell. , smaller players such as Infiniti or Lexus have a menu that reads more quick, especially speaking of extras: the asian brands are very complete packages “take it or leave it”, instead of allowing a high customization.


Infiniti QX30

In terms of the QX30, the price list is read very fast:

Version Power Price
QX30 2.2 d Premium AWD 7DCT 170 CV 39.990 euros
QX30 2.2 d Premium Tech AWD 7DCT 170 CV 44.500 euros

The truth is that it has no much sense a version crossover AWD with the diesel engine of lower power -based mechanical Renault – although with front-wheel-drive could make up a few sales. The absence of versions of the gasoline is less understood. As we saw in our test, the differences between the Q30 and QX30 are basically for appearance, suspension height and a little over, but the jump in price is important.

With the object of increasing the volume of the range Q30, Infiniti makes a bid aggressive, the Q30 1.5 d is shot from 22.990 € . This offer is for units in stock, by funding a minimum of 15,000 euros to 48 months (minimum 36 months of permanence). An interesting offer, even more interesting may be a Citroën C5 with 150 HP and more equipment for the same money, and without financing.

The beginnings are never easy, so the growth of Infiniti is not going to be explosive. Has a car adapted to the european market, but should offer more freedom of choice to the customer, both in its compact version as in the version in crossover. In that sense the German rivals are far ahead, but of course, they can afford to have a very high volume.