Infiniti Q30 2016, prices for Spain from 24.900 euros

Infiniti Q30 2016 Infiniti Q30 2016 was one of the models that more of a stir was caused during his presentation in the past iaa. This is the new compact of the japanese constructor, which outwardly has aspect of crossover, without reaching the dimensions of an SUV. A single bet which aims to stand up to other compact premium as the Mercedes A-Class or the BMW 1-Series.

As we said, its appearance evokes a large vehicle, however their actions tell us otherwise. Measures of length 4,42 meters and high is 1,49 meters. The elements that give it this appearance crossover are the protections plastic in the lower areas and wheel arches. Although you will also have equipment that enhance your sportsmanship, including bumpers, sport wheels exclusive or the reduction of the height of the suspension leaving at 1,47 meters.

Infiniti Q30 2016Takes as its basis the platform of the Mercedes A-Class and will initially provide a range of engines with three configurations in petrol and two in diesel, which are also shared with the compact star. In gasoline there will be a engine turbo 1.6 four-cylinder that will be offered with two power levels: 122 and 156 horse. The top of range will be a 2.0 also turbo develops 210 HP.

If we go to the diesel we find a motor 1.5 source Renault, with 110 horses and 260 Nm of torque. The other option is the 2.2 taken from Mercedes, with a power of 170 HP and 350 Nm. Engines of less power will be linked to a manual gearbox of six speeds, while the more powerful will use the change automatic dual clutch and seven speeds. It will also be used all-wheel drive in some cases.

Prices Infiniti Q30 in Spain

Infiniti Q30 2016

Engine Change Finish Price
1.6 t 122 HP Manual 6v Base 24.900€
1.6 t 122 HP Manual 6v Premium 28.600€
1.6 tc 156 HP DCT 7v Premium 33.100€
2.0 t 210 HP DCT 7v (AWD) Sport 42.900€
1.5 d 109 CV Manual 6v Base 26.700€
1.5 d 109 CV Manual 6v Premium 28.600€
1.5 d 109 CV DCT 7v Premium 30.800€
1.5 d 109 CV Manual 6v Sport 31.700€
1.5 d 109 CV Manual 6v Premium Tech 33.200€
2.2 d 170 HP DCT 7v Premium 33.900€
2.2 d 170 HP DCT 7v (AWD) Premium 36.150€
2.2 d 170 HP DCT 7v Sport 37,200 persons€
2.2 d 170 HP DCT 7v Premium Tech 38.600€
2.2 d 170 HP DCT 7v (AWD) Sport 39.500€
2.2 d 170 HP DCT 7v (AWD) Premium Tech 40.900€

As can be seen in the price list are four finishes: Base, Premium, Sport, and Premium Tech. If well, brand japan is still has not detailed the equipment that will every finish, therefore you will expect to see which elements appear in each of the four levels.

Source – Infiniti