Infiniti Q30: Why its commercial success will be decided by its height


Infiniti already has its first compact. Known as Infiniti Q30 , the luxury subsidiary Renault-Nissan group delves into the most competitive segment and diversified on the market. With new Infiniti Q30 we have discovered a new Infiniti, a new era in which we have discovered a genetic very Mercedes-Benz, but with its own extravagant touches like the approach of its commercial offer. Although it may seem risky, Infiniti Q30 not to focus on a specific market niche, but wants to go much further than their rivals . How did they get? The height is the key …


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The Infiniti Q30 is a compact, but depending on version can rub shoulders with some crossover as the Mercedes GLA , which is 1 mm lower

When we met the new Infiniti Q30 we find opposing views. In its design touches found SUV , but while remaining compact , which left us somewhat out of place considering that we are waiting to meet a true crossover under the name QX30 . The aesthetics of the new Infiniti Q30 is unique, and is found in the design of the first Infiniti master plan, respond to the current trend SUV , but without losing the identity and public still they are looking to buy a compact. Infiniti wanted to risk in a very even segment, which has decided to invest in a product halfway between the compact and the SUV .

This motion is clear that Infiniti has wanted to play both sides, and so far has succeeded quite rightly. But this trick of positioning not only concerns the design, and that Infiniti Q30 differentiate their versions supported by a height difference of 20 mm . Thus, the Sport trim will have a height of 20 mm below the Premium finishes and .


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This measure seeks to reach different audiences, especially now that the market is immersed in a complete conversion of traditional segments. The Sport versions will be targeted at a more traditional public seeking traces of a compact, while Premium variants and response Infiniti current trends will be SUV to suffer live, the market. As a note, noting that the Infiniti Q30 Premium 1 millimeter or greater will be the Mercedes SE GLA .

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