Infiniti Q50 with PIVE Plan 2015 from € 26,990, ¿bargain sight?

Infiniti joins, for the first time in its history, with the aid of Plan PIVE . It is never too late if that is good, or so they say. And the move will allow its customers to access a bargain in the making, a whole Infiniti Q50 , a sedan premium with an exclusive image, a product ultimately you will not see every day on the street, from € 26,990 . This Infiniti Q50 also come fitted with a diesel four-cylinder, 170 horsepower engine. More than enough to move with solvency sedan bearing. What conditions have to meet? Why now?

If Infiniti had not received subsidies Plan PIVE above, it was simply because their products could not meet the requirements of this aid, either by price or by engine emissions. The Infiniti Q50 with a major marketing effort – remember that their rates PVP will start at € 34,900 – has saved the pitfall of price cap imposed by Plan PIVE allowing the Infiniti Q50 2 .2d start 170 hp € 26,990.



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