Infiniti Q60 2017: discover the price of the new coupe japanese

Infiniti Q60 2017

The new Infiniti Q60 is ready for your arrival in dealerships Spanish.

what Were you waiting for the new Infiniti Q60? Well, the wait is about to come to its end as Infiniti has everything prepared for the landing in Spain of its new sports coupe. A model that is more refined, chic and sporty, which introduces interesting technological developments, and that comes accompanied by a (mechanical very interesting. Your starting price may seem a priori a bit excessive, although it should be noted that for a given time, the brand will offer us a significant discount.

At the time of its arrival in dealerships Spanish, the new Infiniti Q60 will be able to be associated to two levels of finish: Premium and Sport. The standard equipment fixed by the termination Premium is very complete as it is among all the elements that we will include the electric windows, the control and speed limiter, rain sensor, auto switch on headlights, USB connection, Bluetooth and automatic climate control.

By the way, the endings, Sport will present a small detail of difference to know what engine hides under the hood. And is that the letter “S” that accompanies the acronym “Q60” will be colored red in the case of the engine 3.0 V6 of 405 HP. For its part, the block decaffeinated will have the letter painted in a silver tone.

Infiniti Q60 2017 - posterior

Its starting price is of 48.400€ without applying discounts or promotions.

Going to the (mechanic of the new Infiniti Q60, we will find a range composed by two motors. On the one hand we have a engine 2.0-liter turbo, source Mercedes with 211 HP and 350 Nm of maximum torque combined with a system of rear-wheel drive. The second option, located as the most radical and powerful, is a engine 3.0-liter V6 twin turbo with 405 HP and 475 Nm associated to a system of all-wheel drive.

Both engines are linked to a gearbox seven-speed automatic. The performance is quite interesting as in the case of the less powerful engine, the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is completed in 7,3 seconds while the block 405 HP is reduced that time to only 5 seconds.

on the occasion of its launch in Spain, Infiniti has launched a promotional campaign that is assigned to all versions as long as you finance the purchase. To get an idea of the discount, the version of access to the range would be in 43.990 euros if we embrace this promotion. Shall be valid until the 31 of march.

Infiniti Q60 2017 - interior

The range of the Infiniti Q60 2017 will be comprised of two levels of finish.

Prices of the Infiniti Q60 2017 España

Modelo Acabado P.V.P.
Q6 2.0 AT RWD 211 HP Premium 48.400 €
Q6 2.0 AT RWD 211 HP Sport 50.800 €
Q6 3.0 AT RWD 405 HP Sport 66.700 €