Infiniti Q60 Black S, aggression in a pure state with 500 HP

Infiniti Q60 Black S

just Yesterday you were showing a preview of the new project of Infiniti, the Q60 Black S. The premium brand japanese belonging to Nissan showed us a teaser image in which we saw a front with aggressive and very sporty, which is not something very usual in the signature japanese. Now, we can already say that indeed, it is an Infiniti Q60 Black S. A sporty coupe that could put in hardships to many western models.

The aesthetics of this prototype makes it clear to us that Infiniti has not sought in this case, a high dose of comfort, and nor is it intended to seduce us with great luxuries. Basically, have focused on sportiness, and this Infiniti Q60 Black, S is the demonstration that the japanese firm, if he proposes, it is also able to perform jobs that will speed up our pulse, instead of relax you as they get usually.

Infiniti Q60 Black S

The images and the alleged information of the vehicle have been published by our fellow british Coach. They say from this medium of communication that the project is in the form of to celebrate the cooperation between Infiniti and the Renault team in F1; commenting that, the Infiniti Q60 Black S uses a system of hybrid drive with ERS, in the style of F1. Does your power? In theory 500 HP. This puts it above sedans like the BMW M4, equalling their number of power with the more extreme version of the coupe deutsch, the BMW M4 GTS.

Their benefits removed the hiccups, but its aesthetics also. There is more to see the forms aerodynamic and aggressive of their bumpers, thick side skirts, a prominent spoiler, rear or the marcadísimo rear diffuser with two exhaust outlets in the central area. If you put a few numbers and tell us that it is a proposal of Infiniti for the competition on circuit, we would imagine.

For the moment, it seems that is only a prototype, but it is rumored that there are chances that this model will roll through the streets in a production version. If you believe in any god, pray; and if you will visit the Geneva motor show, do not forget to stop by the booth of Infiniti.

Source – Coach

Infiniti Q60
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